Master of Advanced Studies in Cariology, Endodontology and Paediatric Dentistry

We offer a three-year structured curriculum in all subjects of dental conservation. The synoptic treatment of more complex patient cases is also part of the further training in consultation with the periodontology and reconstructive dentistry

In addition to weekly seminars, a journal club and intensive courses on practical aspects of dental conservation, the Masters of Advanced Studies is also focuses on scientific research. Master's graduates are offered the opportunity to clarify specialist questions in a contemporary way with an internal or external specialist and to plan cases that are more complex together.

The following senior physicians participate in our continuing education programme:

Frau Dr. Bedram Abou-Ayash
Herr Dr. Thomas Amiet
Herr Dr. Domenico Di Rocco
Frau Dr. Joëlle Dulla
Frau Dr. Paola Francescut
Frau Dr. Anne Grüninger
Frau Dr. Carola Imfeld
Herr Dr. Thomas Jaeggi
Herr Dr. Fabian Jost
Frau Dr. Corina Moser
Frau Dr. Dea Muçolli
Herr Dr. Philippe Perrin
Herr Dr. Nguyen Khoa Pham
Frau Dr. Sophia Rachais
Herr PD Dr. Thiago Saads Carvalho
Herr Prof. Dr. Rainer Seemann
Herr PD Dr. Christian Tennert
Herr Prof. Dr. Richard Wierichs
Herr Prof. Dr. Thomas Wolf

Im Einzelnen beinhaltet unser Weiterbildungsangebot unter anderem folgende Aspekte:


  • Photographic technique in the oral cavity
  • Use of the surgical microscope in tooth preservation.
  • Self-management, ethics and quality assurance
  • Epidemiology and basics of statistics
  • Analysis of the latest research results

Restorative and Preventive Dentistry

  • Current caries diagnostics and risk assessment
  • Synoptic minimal interventional case planning
  • Non-invasive (preventative) caries therapy
  • Minimally invasive preparation and polishing techniques that are gentle on neighbouring teeth
  • Current concepts of caries removal (selective excavation)
  • Aesthetic composite restoration on anterior and posterior teeth
  • Digital dentistry
  • Veneers
  • Tooth bleaching
  • Stamp technique and direct adhesive bridges
  • Diagnostic, Prophylaxis and therapy of erosion cases
  • Caries infiltration approximal and for aesthetic masking


  • Practice with WaveOne® Gold, ProTaper Next™ und Reciproc blue
  • Use of the surgical microscope in Endodontology
  • Use of cofferdam in endodontics
  • Roane technology
  • Revision and removal of fractured instruments
  • Perforation, use of MTA, endosurgery
  • Dens invaginatus
  • Internal / external granuloma
  • Apexification and apexogenesis
  • Obturation of the root canal system with thermoplastic materials
  • Structure of the deeply destroyed (endodontically) treated tooth

Pediatric Dentistry

  • Children between 0 to 16 years in the social environment
  • Paediatrics and child psychiatry in paediatric dentistry
  • Early childhood caries, caries risk assessment and prevention
  • Behaviour management of anxious, impaired and disabled children
  • Conservative and endodontic treatments in the deciduous and early permanent dentition
  • Aesthetic restorations post-operative orthodontics
  • Pain treatment and traumatology
  • Sedation techniques (premedication with dormicum, nitrous oxide, intubation anaesthesia)
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with patient documentation in complex cases


The well-being of the patient are always in the main focus by dentistry activities. We plan and treat as minimally interventional as possible, which means that the preservation of the tooth structure and the adjacent oral structures is our focus. We are guided by functional aspects and strive to fulfil demanding aesthetic needs. We care about ensuring that the patient cases correspond to the level of training of our MAS dentists.

In the first year of the MAS, mostly simpler treatments are carried out independently. Our newly employed MAS dentists are intensively introduced to the treatment philosophy of our clinic and to special treatment techniques during a crash course. Cases that are more complex are always planned and co-managed together with a specialist.

For each field of the dental preservation, specialists are available daily to provide advice and assistance. Some of whom have advanced training certificates in the corresponding specialties.

Children and adults are treated in the polyclinic emergency service (Monday to Friday from 8:00am until 11:30am and from 01:00pm until 04:00pm) as well in outside stations. (prisons in Hindelbank and Thorberg and Intervention Centre in St. Johannsen)

The MAS Studies also includes the preparation of a Master's thesis, which should preferably appear as a publication in a high-impact journal. Hereby the MAS dentists are supervised by a habilitated department member in the following research areas:

The clinic research in different fields of the preventative dentistry

  • Biomaterials research (Dr. A. Peutzfeldt)
  • Endodontology (PD Dr. Wolf)
  • Erosion and saliva research (PD Dr. Saads Carvalho, Dr. Baumann)
  • Non- and micro-invasive caries treatment (Prof. Dr. Meyer-Lückel, PD Dr. Wierichs)
  • Microbiology of caries and caries and nutrition (PD Dr. Tennert)
  • Endowed professorship for Oral Epidemiology and Preventive Dentistry (Prof. Dr. Campus)